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Terms and Conditions

Delivery Times

If the bouncy castle is going out your back garden we normally drop the bouncy castles the day before or before 11 on the day. And we normally pick up the morning after your booking date. If you were looking for it for 2 days we charge an extra €50 for the big obstacle courses and €30 for the smaller bouncing castles for the extra day.

Payment Terms

We ONLY accept CASH on Delivery. If you're not there when we drop it please arrange to leave the money somewhere and let us know.

Bouncy Castles Out in the Front Garden

If you are planning to put the bouncy castle in your front garden you will have to let us know beforehand as we will have to pick up the bouncy castle that evening. We left it out the front overnight in what we taught was a quiet area and somebody robbed it so we wouldn't take the risk any more. It would have to be picked up that evening. We don't take bookings for castles if its out the front on saturdays as we don't have any staff working saturday evenings. Friday and Sundays are ok.

Bouncy Castles Set up on Green or in Estate

Sorry we are not able to set up any bouncy castles in an estate or in a green as we dont have insurance for this. It has to be on the grounds of a private house.

Grass or Concrete

Please let us know if you are planning on setting up the bouncy castle on grass or concrete. If it's on concrete we would have to bring extra matts to go under the bouncy castle to protect it. We also have to bring sandbags to anchor down the bouncy castle to make it safe.